This Safety & Health Manual is a product of the Alliance between OSHA and SWR Institute

This Safety & Health Manual has been developed by SWR Institute as an outreach effort in order to help employers understand how to develop a written Safety and Health Program as recommended by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  Each company is different; this program must be tailored to meet your specific needs, by adding or deleting parts of this guide. Determine your needs based on the hazards or potential hazards of your job site.  

This Safety & Health Manual has 11 sections that include:  a program guide, confined space entry, fall protection, hazard communication, lead in construction, a record keeping standard, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection control program, scaffold standard, silica exposure program, and a site specific safety plan.   Section 11 has a “Site Specific Safety Plan”, which can be customized to your specific scopes of work and jobsite.   Click here to see a completed sample of the "Site Specific Safety Plan."


Section 1 has a “Program Guide” which contains information on to develop a written safety and health program, including goals and objectives, policies and procedures, training and education, amongst others.  
Click here to see a completed sample of the “Program Guide.”


Download to see completed sample of the "Site Specific Safety Plan"

Download a Print Only version of Safety & Health Manual - Click here to download


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