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5 Minutes With: Chris Eichhorn

Chris Eichhorn recently spoke with Applicator about his work in the industry.

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Parking Facility Restoration: Five Factors to Consider When Restoring Existing Parking Facilities

Restoration of existing parking structures is unavoidable and something that needs to be done regularly. With the advent of the concrete repair industry, a majority of maintenance and repair work is fairly straightforward. There are many readily available resources from professional organizations and technical committees outlining how parking structures can be kept in good condition to extend their service life. Typical maintenance and repairs usually include various types of concrete repair, sealing cracks, replacing sealants, applying concrete sealers, and maintaining traffic toppings. Although the unit costs for these work items are fairly uniform among repair contractors, the total repair costs could vary depending on specific site conditions and how the repair-phasing plan is developed.

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EMSEAL and SWR Institute

Lester Hensley talks with Applicator about his years of experience in the industry.

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The comprehensive restoration program formulated and executed for the historic 945 Green Street high-rise apartment tower in San Francisco carries a price tag that might produce a jolt of sticker shock, even for the well-heeled railroad heir who built the steel and concrete palace in the 1920s.

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