The Global Move to Validation

Quality assurance has become a watchword for manufactured products throughout the entire world. Programs such as Q-1 and the International Standards Organization's Plan 9000 (ISO 9000) are providing standardized criteria for manufacturers and their products on a universal level. New validation programs are forming utilizing third party verification which helps certify that products not only consistently meet their stated individual design specifications, but also perform to industry standards. This trend of independent validation programs will continue to gain momentum well into the next century. These programs will be utilized more and more by the end-user or specifier to clarify and identify those products which do perform to published standards.

The Purpose of the SWR Institute Validation Program

In specifying or applying sealant and coating products the most practical and accepted performance characteristics to consider are...Will they bond?...Will they keep water out?...Will they allow proper movement?...Are they breathable and not trap moisture? Getting clear accurate answers to making the correct design decisions is often difficult. Manufacturer's product performances claims can, at times, be either confusing, incomplete, or misleading - especially when trying to compare different sealant and wall coating products. End users, applicators and specifiers want and need consistent independent lab results for meaningful comparisons. The SWR Institute Validation Program helps to alleviate the confusion. The program for product validation provides that manufacturers independently test submitted material to determine whether they perform as stated by the manufacturer. Once a product passes the validation process, SWR Institute then grants its Validation Seal and provides the test data in a clear and concise manner.

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