Sign up now for the 2016 Virtual Golf-a-Thon™ that will be held during the entire month of August. It is a fun networking event to reach out to fellow SWR Institute members and help a worthwhile cause!

The Virtual Golf-a-Thon ® is a fun event designed first and foremost to promote fellowship within the Institute.  It is also a good avenue to outreach to prospective members, engage inactive members, increase brand awareness of the Institute, and contribute to a worthy cause.

Costs and Team Registration Fees:  Each team will be responsible for the green fees at your course plus a $250 registration fee per team in the tournament. The money raised will be donated to the SWR Foundation on behalf of SWR Institute.  

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NEW Rules:

  • Each team will comprise of 4 players.
  • Instead of mandating only fellow members and prospects a part of the team, we now allow the foursome to be comprised of individuals within the construction industry
  • Each team captain is the person responsible for filling out the registration form, managing your “team’s profile”, selecting local course and submitting your scores.


  • Play your own ball.
  • Team scores will be: You must use a minimum of 3 scores from each player.
  • Team captains will keep score for all 4 players and enter scores into your “team profile”.  At the end of your round you can designate which score to use on each hole.
  • No mulligans
  • The course must be at least par 71 and play a minimum of 6400 yds.
  • Handicap for each player to be submitted along with course card.

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