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Bogota, Colombia -- El Dorado International airport is one of the world’s busiest airports in terms of passenger and cargo air traffic.

The airport is undergoing a major redevelopment and expansion set to be complete in the Summer of 2014. The first phase of the expansion was the addition of a new International Terminal that was opened on October 17th, 2012. The redevelopment has been under the direction of private consortium Operadora Aeroportuaria Internacional (OPAIN).

The initial design of the joints was by Zyscovich Architects. EMSEAL worked with the Zyscovich to find appropriate product solutions to handle the traffic, movement and fire rating required on different locations of the project. 

The EMSEAL SJS SYSTEM expansion joints were supplied and installed through VSL Colombia (Sistemas Especiales de Construccion - SEC) in Bogotá.

VSL and SEC visited the EMSEAL training facility for complete, customized, training on the installation of the SJS product line.

The joints integrate beautifully with the new state of the art terminal. The SJS SYSTEM shown in this photo has the ability to handle the high traffic with well over 20 million passengers per year.

At the time of the order there were many details that had to be finalized. EMSEAL worked with the customer to ensure that the field conditions would accommodate the joints that had been specified.

Field conditions were communicated to EMSEAL through photographs. Using Skype and gotomeeting, all conditions were thoroughly vetted before finalizing the order.

The field conditions were sketched with the specified product technology and a custom solution was agreed upon.

The customer was also interested in a special plate finish to match the look and feel of the structure. EMSEAL worked diligently with various finishes to ensure the customer was satisfied. Multiple plate finishes were provided to ensure the expansion joint material would fit with the design aesthetic of the structure.  Brushed finish, anodized and blasted finishes were provided as options.

The shipment was supplied against the field conditions coupled with the original design intent.  Each package was labeled for a specific location.

Sistemas installed the expansion joints quickly and easily. In these photos  the installation of the SJS foam, spline and ‘hanger bars' is visible.

The plates would be subsequently added to complete the installation. A major advantage to using the SJS SYSTEM technology was that the expansion joint material could be installed after the finished flooring.

This alleviated any and all sequencing headaches with respect to the expansion joint material while preserving the aesthetics of the flooring and eliminating the need for cutting or forming blockouts in the joint edges.

Phase 1 of the project used the SJS SYSTEM technology exclusively. A variety of different configurations of SJS were installed in different locations based on the specific movement and fire rating requirements.

Where fire ratings are required the EMSHIELD SJS-FR1, and EMSHIELD SJS-FR2 were and will be used. 

The FR versions feature UL-2079 fire ratings that are built-in to the expansion joint.  This means one product, one install does it all.  No fire-barriers, or fire-blankets.

And, the fire-rated systems are installed from the floor surface.  This eliminates over-head work from under the slabs.  No utility lifts and freedom of installation obstructions from electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other obstructions means continuity of fire-protection and continuity of seal can be assured while massively simplifying installation.

Whether for exterior arrivals and departures sidewalks, or interior terminal applications, the SJS was selected for this project because it is watertight, fire-rated, insulating, sound-absorbing and because it can handle large structural movements.

By looking at each application individually, EMSEAL has shown again that the best approach is one that is rooted in engineered, project specific joint solutions.

Featuring non-invasive anchoring, installation from the deck surface without the need to disrupt the occupied space below, elimination of gutters, and built in fire rating, the SJS family of seismic expansion joints is versatile and cost-effective.

Lasting, lowest-total-cost-of-ownership expansion joint solutions in airport, mixed-use, retail, office, sports, assembly, convention, casino, resort, healthcare and performing arts venues as well as in retrofit of existing structures is a central focus of EMSEAL's. 

The company's unique approach to expansion joint treatment combines innovative materials technologies with a fresh look at the roles of owners, designers, general contractors, manufacturers and subcontractors, to achieve trouble-free expansion joints.

The approach is grounded in an integrated, collaborative process centered on joint treatment that requires all of these parties to think, design, detail, specify, construct, fabricate, and install three-dimensional solutions.

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