Project Category: Joint Sealants

Oklahoma City, OK--When it came down to water testing the central parking garage expansion joints at Will Rogers airport, these guys didn't mess around. 

They just called out their own fire and rescue department, cranked up a hose and blasted water down the runs of EMSEAL's DSM SYSTEM.

And they didn't stop at that. They also marched along every foot of joint and directed the hose-stream directly onto the material--not sparing the joins between each length or even the dozens of cross intersections.

Using brooms, they pushed the water around making sure every inch of the 2,600 LF of joint was sitting under water.  Then they checked underneath. No leaks!

There are many reasons why airport facility owners and consultants who work for them, trust their expansion joints to EMSEAL and their parking deck joints to the DSM SYSTEM. Not the least of these is that it is watertight.

The DSM SYSTEM is manufactured at an uncompressed dimension more than twice the intended joint opening. 

It is intentionally built up from vertically-aligned, self-adhering, compression-bonded laminations that, when compressed within its offered movement range, form a monolithic, resilient, tough hybrid of uniformly-impregnated foam and silicone sealants.

For shipment it is compressed to less than the joint size and held at this dimension in its packaging.  When released from its packaging, the material gradually opens.  The rate of opening allows time to apply an epoxy to the foam and to get the material into the joint. 

Once locked between the substrates, the DSM material continues to expand as it attempts to recover to its full expanded dimension.  This means that a backpressure minimizes the tension on the bond line between the foam backing and the substrate while the factory-formed silicone bellows is never in tension.

The DSM SYSTEM from EMSEAL is supplied in two meter (6.56 LF) lengths.  While joining these lengths together is sometimes criticized, it is actually this feature that makes the product uniquely able to address inevitable variations in joint size.

And even the Will Rogers World Airport Fire and Rescue had to agree--the joins between lengths and at dozens of crosses, are watertight.

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